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Claire de Beer, raised by a French mother and a Dutch father, the perfect blend of elegance and no nonsense.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about food, ambience, people and designs. 

I studied communication in Rotterdam, and after graduating in 2015, I started as a restaurant manager. During this process I developed my first restaurant concept and designed the entire visual identity for Hospitaly Group Breda. Nowadays, I collaborate with several prominent (hospitality) entrepreneurs and work on a freelance basis, allowing me to focus on concept development and design. Turning an idea into a successful company makes me really really happy.

I would describe myself as perfectionistic, driven and social. When I start something, I am very persevering, and once a good idea is born, I will not let go.
Customers describes me as a very nice partner to work with and - not unimportantly - to have fun with!

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